Re-frame your career by changing your story

Dear Jubey,

I was thrilled to accept a job offer at a very prestigious company about nine months ago. I had a great vibe with my manager straight away both in the interview and during my onboarding process. I was in my dream job and formed a five year plan around how I would progress my career at this company. Shortly after starting, there was a change in my reporting line. My new manager appears to be protectionist and doesn’t give me any good work. I feel like my new manager doesn’t trust me to deliver projects. When I ask for help, I am told to keep doing what I am doing, and the work I do is excellent for my level of employment. Feedback like that doesn’t help me develop or demonstrate my ability to deliver projects. I am not sure if I want to stay out this current year, let alone the next five years. How did it go so wrong so fast? How do I tackle this before I become disengaged, and my dream job becomes a sinking ship? Am I the problem, or is it something that I am not seeing?


Dear Disillusioned,

I feel the pain in your letter and I am sorry that this is your current reality. Take a look at my post here to begin to define what motivates you and the hygiene factors around your work that will make you happy.

You mentioned that you joined a very prestigious company. Do you think it was the prestige of the company that made this job offer so attractive? It seems that what you are struggling with is the gap between your own expectations and the reality of this role. We have all fallen into the trap of thinking that more money, a better title or a prestigious company will bring us happiness in our careers. It seems that you are at that painful point in life where you have achieved the goal only to find that it isn’t what you expected. None us are truly motivated by money, title or company prestige. You need to take some time to define what does motivate you.

In the meantime, the energy that you are carrying with you is not conducive to your own happiness. It seems that your manager is not well equipped to coach and grow his or her team. Your manager can feel your energy of disappointment and disillusionment and will reflect that energy back to you. I invite you to shift that energy by focusing on what is great about your current role.

In their book, Money and the Law of Attraction, Esther and Jerry Hicks suggest positively re-framing your work story. They give a great example that you could take for yourself on page 199:

“I know that I will not always be right here in this place doing this same work. I like understanding that things are always evolving and it is fun to anticipate where I am headed.

While there are many things that could be better where I am, it is not a problem because where I am is constantly changing to something better. I like knowing that as I look for the best things around me where I am, those things become more prevalent in my experience.

It is fun to know that things are always working out for me and I watch for the evidence of that … and I see more evidence of that every day.”

As you re-frame your work story, you will find yourself leaning into new possibilities and developing new relationships . As your energy says “I am here and ready to be useful” those around you, not just your manger, will feel that and respond to that energy.

I don’t have any advice around what to say to your manager because I believe that you communicate all that needs to be said through your energy. As you focus on what truly motivates you and celebrate the elements of those things in your current role, the whole universe will shift to give you more.

You can feel complete alignment with where you are in your work life right now. Simply tell yourself the right story.


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