Listen to Your Heart

For Harriet. From Harriet.

My Dada listens to his heart by praying on a prayer mat. 

“What does your heart say, Dada?”

“That we should share what we have. The more we give, the more we receive”

My Bachan listens to her heart sewing clothes for her grandchildren. 

“What does your heart say Bachan?”

“That I can stitch my love into this dress and you will feel it whenever you wear it.”

My Pops listens to his heart walking in the bush spotting koalas. 

“What does your heart say, Pops?”

“That we should be kind to each other and to every leaf, tree, insect, bird and creature.”

My Gran listens to her heart in a church with an altar. 

“What does your heart say, Gran?”

“That saying thank you is the best prayer we have.”

My papa listens to his heart gardening. 

“What does your heart say, Papa?”

“That a dream is like this flower, we have to pull out the weeds to give it room to grow.”

My Mama listens to her heart by closing her eyes and getting quiet. 

“What does your heart say, Mama?”

“That if I believe it, I can be, do or create anything I can imagine.”

My brother, listens to his heart while swinging on the swing. 

“What does your heart say Brother?”

“That I am pretty great, just the way I am”

I listen to my heart writing stories. 

My heart says

“ That however you listen to your heart, it is the most important thing to do.”


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