How to get out of the COVID-19 blues

8 steps to shift your energy

Dear Jubey,

COVID 19 is really getting me down. I am working in a job I hate. I had been planning to apply for new jobs, but now the economic downturn means that I will be stuck here for some time. I had been looking forward to an overseas holiday but that has been cancelled. The person I was seeing prior to the virus, is now in his home country without any news on when he will be able to return. I am so disappointed with the way that our country is being run and feel generally pretty hopeless for the future. Are you able to give me some hope?


Dear Hopeless,

These are crazy times indeed! It is understandable that you are looking at your situation right now and feel disappointed and lacking hope for the future. While I am sure you would like a list of solutions to your problems, the only way to stop feeling hopeless, is to make the decision to feel better.

Hopelessness is self-fulling

When we get ourselves into a funk, we start to look for evidence in our lives to validate our feelings of doom. It is as if we want to build a desperate case for hopelessness. We are reaching for significance by showing the world our pain and saying: “look what happened to me? Isn’t this terrible?” We are pretty good at validating negativity and hopelessness in our lives. If you want to find evidence things that are not going well in your life, you will find it. Hopelessness is self-fulfilling.

You can’t solve anything from a place of hopelessness

Focusing and obsessing on the problems in our lives, blocks us from the creative energy that will help us to find solutions. We need to find ways to rid ourselves of obsessive thoughts and create room for the light and joy that lives in our hearts.

The problems in your life will still be there, but your perception of them will change. You will develop new ways of approaching your challenges and your problems will take up less space in your life.

8 steps for shifting the blues

1. Walk, walk, walk

There is a reason why the great spiritual pilgrimages around the world, require pilgrims to walk for days, weeks or even months. There is a meditation that happens in the process of putting one step in front of the other. It helps us to shift obsessive thoughts and re-calibrate our energy. It is uplifting to walk in nature but if you can’t get there, find a neighbourhood that you haven’t walked through before, discovering new houses, parks, restaurants and shops.

2. Listen to music

Find music that makes your whole body float. That is what you need now. Music that can get you out of your head and into your heart. I love Alan Eliis. Find and listen to music that uplifts you. You will know when you find it, it will feel like your heart cracked open.

3. Do something creative

Creating has a way of shifting us from our thoughts to our hearts. Find a creative outlet. If you don’t have one, think about what you used to do as a child. Could you re-visit a musical instrument? Take an online art class? Garden? Restore a piece of furniture? Sew? Write? Find something creative that you enjoy and do it solely for the sake of enjoyment.

4. Make a list of everything that makes you happy and then do them

Sometimes, when we get in a funk, we forget the things that used to make us happy. We pile into our lives tasks that fulfil the daily grind and forget the lightness of doing something just for fun. Do you love dancing? Reading? Playing board games? Write a list of things that make you feel joy and then make an effort to do some.

5. Laugh

This may come forcefully at first, but laughter is the greatest gift we have to shift our energy. I ask my family to practice laughing yoga with me whenever one of us is trying to rid ourselves of worry. We start off fake laughing but as we watch the others laughing, the laughter becomes genuine. If laughing yoga isn’t your jam, watch stand up comedy or funny movies. Do whatever it takes to get good, strong, healthy laughter coming out of you.

6. Know your achievements

Think back as far as you can remember and make a list of everything that you have achieved. List everything. This list will be your reminder that you have achieved great things in the past and you can achieve great things in the future. You will find a way through this time.

7. Tell yourself that things could be worse

In Option B Sheryl Sandberg writes that resilient people tell themselves that things could always be worse. This understanding helps us to be grateful for what we have and helps us to find ways to move ourselves through challenging times. If this doesn’t resonate with you, then simply take the time to consider all the things in your life to appreciate. As you look for those things they will become more evident to you. Eventually, the good things will sit at the front of your brain in place of all the problems.

8. Develop a daily practice to lift your energy

Take some time every day to dedicate to lifting your energy. I love taking a course that I can dedicate time to every day. Try Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles or one of the many great courses on Insight Timer.

I haven’t offered you any solutions to the problems that you wrote to me with. I know that all of the answers you need already lie within you. You can’t access the solutions when your mind is crowded with thoughts about what is not going well. I hope that these steps will help you to shift your focus and your energy, giving yourself the space for creatively deciding what is right for you and your future. This too will pass.


Do you have other ways of shifting your energy? Please comment below. If you have a question, please ask Jubey.

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